WATCH: Dimitri Payet hit by water bottle thrown from stands

Dimitri Payet. (Source: Twitter)
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In a match of the French Football League, a water bottle was thrown at a player from the spectator’s side. After which the match had to be called off midway.

In fact, in the opening fifth minute of the match, Marseille player Dimitri Payet was ready to kick from a corner. Then someone threw a water bottle at him from the stand. Dimitri fell down as soon as he got the bottle. He was hit on his head. The match was called off in view of something untoward and the referee instructed the players to return to the locker room. There were no goals scored by both the teams at that time. The referee later declared the match to be cancelled.

After waiting for 75 minutes, the match was announced to start again. Along with this, a warning was also given that if any other incident happened then the match would be stopped. Lyon players came to the field after the announcement, but Marseilles did not return. Dmitry said that he was shocked by this incident. After Marseille’s players did not show up, the match referee decided to stop the match.

Match referee Rudy Buchett told Amazon Prime Video, ‘I was not in favor of starting the match. One player was killed. It is our duty to protect football players. We are responsible for their safety. That’s why we took the final decision not to hold the match. The delay in the decision not to hold the match was because the stadium was full. Any mishap could have happened in that case. So it took time to decide not to hold the match.

According to French league officials, Dimitri Payet was taunted and abused by Lyon fans during the warm-up before the match started. Marseille’s president, Pablo Logario, said Payette was “mentally disturbed” by the incident. We have always condemned violence of any kind.

Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas said the bottle thrower had been thrown out of the stadium. He was arrested. The situation was also under control. The match could have been restarted. He alleged that it was because of Marseille that the referee had to reverse the decision to hold the match. The match could have started again, but Marseille’s players did not return to the field of play.

The French league has blamed the host club and local authorities for the incident. In a statement issued by the league, it has been said that this incident is condemnable. This type of incident tarnishes the image of the league. The local authorities and the club are solely responsible for the safety of the players and prevention of such incidents. A meeting will be called soon so that such incident does not happen again in future.

This is not the first time that such an incident has happened this season. Things have been thrown at Marseille players this season as well in August. During the match between Nice and Marseille in August, projectiles were also thrown at Marseille players by fans. In that match a bottle was thrown at the player, after which the player threw it back. Players and staff clashed in this match. Nice was suspended following the incident and the match was played at neutral venues in October.


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