Tokyo Olympics: PM Modi talks to Neeraj Chopra after he wins Gold medal

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has congratulated India’s star javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra. After the victory of Neeraj, the Prime Minister spoke to him on mobile. Read the full story of Modi from Neeraj…

PM Modi: Neeraj ji, many congratulations to you. The Olympics are nearing its conclusion and you have made the nation happy by winning the gold.

Neeraj: I knew my event was last in Tokyo and I had to do something different for my country. So I made gold my target.

PM Modi: You have shown the water of Panipat. The Olympics were delayed by a year so you had to work hard for one more year. There have been many crises in Corona and many troubles have come. You also got hurt in the middle. Despite this, you did a great job. All this was possible only because of hard work.

Neeraj: I am very happy and I feel that I have been successful because of the blessings of crores of people.

PM Modi: The day you were leaving and I spoke to you, I saw that there was confidence on your face. I saw that there was no pressure on you.

Neeraj: I thought to give my 100% in performance, because this was the only day when you can do something. This is what I did for my country.

PM Modi: You have illuminated the name of the country and have given the mantra to the youth of today to come forward in the field of sports.

Neeraj: I think the coming generation will do well in sports. The coming generation will turn to sports.

PM Modi: This time in Tokyo, our players have shown their strength in such areas, which normally is not easy for India, but you have done that. It is a proud moment for your family members.

Neeraj: Just keep supporting like this and keep boosting morale like this. I think sports is very important to make the country feel proud.

PM Modi: We are meeting on 15th August, right?

Neeraj: Sure sir.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet Indian athletes participating in the Tokyo Olympics on the occasion of Independence Day. All the athletes have been invited as special guests for this event. 129 players from India participated in the Tokyo Olympics.


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