Rohit Sharma Remembers T20 World Cup 2007, The Crowd Was Stunned By This Match

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New Delhi: Indian cricket means the presence of at least 60-70 thousand spectators in the audience galleries of the ground. In which part of the world is the match taking place. Whether that country plays cricket or not. All these things do not matter. There should be the presence of Indians in that country, you will get the crowd watching the match itself. Indian cricket’s ‘hitman’ Rohit Sharma is also convinced of this energy of the Indian audience.

In Team India’s ODI and T20 vice-captain Rohit Sharma said in a TV channel program, “Unless you are a witness to the support of the fans, you can never feel that you are playing for the Indian cricket team.” He has shared the memory of one such match of 2007 T20 World Cup, in which he was surprised to see a huge crowd of spectators.

Team India was playing against Australia
Actually, in the match of the 2007 World Cup that Rohit has mentioned, Team India was facing against Australia. For the first time in that first season of the T20 World Cup played in South Africa, the Indian team landed under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Indian victory in the semi-final match played in this tournament against Australia is very famous. Rohit has told how after the victory, the number of fans celebrating with the team suddenly increased immensely.

The entire team of the team was filled with fans
Rohit said, ‘I remember to this day, when we won the semi-finals against Australia in 2007, our hotel was full of fans and they were all celebrating and dancing. I couldn’t believe my eyes, because I had never seen anything like this before. Rohit said, ‘You always see the fans in the stadium, but seeing all those supporters in the hotel that day, I realized that the passion and love of the fans are what drives the team.’


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