Rakhi Sawant’s angry anger said – people are dying and people are playing IPL here

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New Delhi: Corona continues to wreak havoc in the country at this time. Along with the general public, the entertainment world is also vulnerable. However, despite all the problems, like every year, the IPL is being organized in this year’s Mahakumbh of cricket. On this, Rakhi Sawant, who is called the drama queen of TV, is very angry.

Rakhi Sawant expressed displeasure

Rakhi Sawant is often seen making funny comments. But this time Rakhi has expressed displeasure over the IPL match being played at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium. Rakhi Sawant was asked whether she was following the ongoing IPL in Mumbai or not? Rakhi got angry at this and said, ‘Wow, people are dying in Mumbai, our lives have been ruined and people are playing IPL here. We are hiding and driving in the car and people are playing IPL, wow ‘.

‘Everyone is going to Maldives’

Rakhi Sawant further said, ‘By the way let me tell you that there are no people in Mumbai. If there is a lockdown in Mumbai, then people have fled outside for the holidays. I am the only one in Mumbai. Nobody else will see you because everyone has left Mumbai. Everyone is enjoying it. We are going to the Maldives and will drain the entire corona in the water there.


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