Power-lifter Rahul Singh talks about his dreams, motivation and achievements

Rahul Singh.

“I have big plans and dreams and want to achieve them with my own efforts,” says the three-time all India bench press and deadlift 2019 gold medalist Rahul Singh.

In an exclusive chat with Clickfeeds.in, Rahul talks about his motivation for transforming his body and who helped him in his journey.

“I was motivated from a guy Golu who transformed his body totally. Seeing him, I too decided to work on my fitness,” Singh told.

Rahul further told us that it was his sister Shubhi Tomar who motivated him to take part in powerlifting competitions. “My sister (Shubhi) motivated me and asked me to be a part of the competitions. In the first year, I lifted 80 kg (Dead Lift) while lifted 170 kg in the following year,” he said.

“Later on, my coach Chetan Thakur and another sister Monika Sonkar helped me out at the professional front. Chetan Sir has been motivating me to take part in the competitions and also helps me in my workout regime, Monika didi helps me to be a part of a number of competitions as the Chief guest” he further added.

Rahul is now a gym trainer and has won a number of events. Here’s a list of his achievements so far.

Three-time all India bench press and deadlift 2019
Gold medalist

North India silver medalist

Delhi state gold medalist

Open Delhi silver medalist

Haryana state gold medalist

International power fitness federation (ipff)
Gold medalist

North india strong man 1-time silver medalist

Bharat Shree strong man deadlift championship
4th position

International fit body expo powerlifting competition talkative stadium Delhi
Bronze medalist

State association of Uttar Pradesh powerlifting (WPC)
Bronze medalist

State association of Haryana powerlifting (WPC)
Silver medalist

Tone zone classic powerlifting federation of India
Bronze medalist

Rajsthan & west India strongman championship
4th place

National strength lifting & I.B.P championship
5th place

We wish Rahul Singh best of luck for his future.


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