Mohammad Azharuddin shares old memories

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Hyderabad: Former captain of the Indian cricket team Mohammad Azharuddin shared the old memories on social media recently. His post is being well-liked among fans. Azharuddin has posted a picture of himself on Twitter. In this, he is seen in Team India’s retro jersey. Also, a cricket bat is seen in his hand. This bat is very special for Azharuddin. In the post, he also revealed why these bats are special for him. He also shared some old memories when he made his Test debut.

Grandfather liked bat

Azharuddin’s post reminded the fans of the 1992 World Cup. Azhar said in the caption with the picture that his grandfather liked the bat he had in his hand. Azharuddin said in the caption with the picture that with this bat he scored three consecutive centuries in his first three Tests against England in 84-85. Also, he told that he had scored more than 800 runs with this bat that season, his bat was chosen by his grandfather.

Test debut made in 1984—85

Azharuddin made his Test debut in 1984–85. He scored 110 runs in 322 balls against England in his debut match. Azharuddin scored three consecutive centuries against England in his first three Tests. He scored over 800 runs this season. With this, he became the first cricketer in the world to do so at the start of his Test career. Azhar played 99 Test matches in his career and scored 6215 runs, including 22 centuries.

9378 runs scored in ODI’s

Talking about Azhar’s one-day career, he played 334 matches in one-day matches. In this, he scored 9378 runs, including 7 centuries and 58 half-centuries. Azharuddin captained India for three World Cups. Under his captaincy, the Indian team won 14 matches in Tests and 90 in ODIs. Azhar is currently the president of the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA).


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