Kevin Pietersen advised the British to take a peek in their eyes, said- ‘Stop pointing fingers at Team India’

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New Delhi: Team India is being criticized a lot for withdrawing from the 5th Test between India and England. From English fans to British media, BCCI is targeting. Meanwhile, Kevin Pietersen has shown the mirror to the critics.

Pietersen showed the mirror to the British

Kevin Pietersen has reminded English fans of his own team’s South Africa Tour, which was cancelled last year by the ECB given the threat of the coronavirus pandemic.

‘Don’t point fingers at Team India’

Kevin Pietersen wrote on his official Twitter account, ‘England also abandoned the tour of South Africa due to the fear of Coronavirus and it was a big brunt of South African cricket (Cricket South). Africa had to be raised, so don’t lift a finger!’

When the British cancelled the foreign tour

In the year 2020, the whole world was facing the threat of Coronavirus Pandemic, in December the same year, the English team went on the South Africa Tour. Then 2 players from England became Covid-19 positive. After this, the British cancelled that tour. There was a lot of criticism of the ECB regarding this.


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