IOC President Thomas Bach May Indicate Major Changes In The Tokyo Olympics

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Basel: The public of Japan is getting ready for the reality of the postponed Olympics till next year where the players can be kept in seclusion, there will be a reduction in spectators and the delay in the holding will cost them millions of dollars.

In a select interview outside of Japan in the last few weeks, International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach has indicated that the stadiums will be empty, the players will be put in seclusion and the coronavirus test will be done.

John Coates, an IOC member who oversees Tokyo’s preparations, said in Australia a few weeks ago that the Tokyo Olympics are facing ‘real problems’ and a big reason behind this is the numbers involved. 15,400 Olympics and Paralympics will participate in it, while staff, officials, media and 80,000 volunteers will also join it.

Now in Japan, the idea of ​​Olympics is being presented in a different and smaller scale in the news of politicians and sources. In this, if the fans were allowed to come to the stadium, then their number would be very less. Not only this, but all players, fans and staff will also be tested and there will be a situation like segregation in the game village.


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