Exclusive: Pat Cummins told why donated 37 Lakh INR in the Battle of Corona? Said this on IPL

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New Delhi: Seeing the terror of the second wave of Coronavirus in India, Australian fast bowler Pat Cummins, who recently played for KKR, donated 37 lakh rupees to buy oxygen supplies to India. . After Cummins, former Australian fast bowler Brett Lee also gave nearly 41 lakh rupees to help India.

This is a difficult time for India and in this difficult time, Cummins and Lee are being praised everywhere for extending a helping hand to India. Meanwhile, Cummins has revealed many things in the exclusive interview given to Zee News affiliate international channel WION.

‘A place in the heart for the people of India’

Talking about the people of India, Cummins said, ‘First of all we are in the middle of the IPL, which is happening here in India. While the situation outside is not good. I have been playing in India for so many years, the people here are so kind and there is a deep place for them in my heart. So, I feel like I am doing a small job.’

That’s why donated money to PM Cares Fund

When asked Cummins, why did he donate money to the PM Cares Fund, he said, ‘I had a conversation with some people here at Kolkata Knight Riders. He did a very generous job last year by donating to the PM Cares Fund. Shahrukh (Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan) also donated it himself. So I thought this was a good route.’

Pat Cummins also stated that because of the ongoing crisis caused by Covid-19, several groups have also been formed in Australia to help the country. He said, “The people of Australia would also like to help, so we are planning to establish something here to direct resources to make some donations here.”

‘IPL should not stop’

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, many people in the country believe that the IPL should stop here now, but Pat Cummins said that the IPL should continue because it relieves people at least 3-4 hours every evening. Provides. Due to increasing cases of Coronavirus, when Cummins was asked how the atmosphere of the dressing room was, he said that KKR helps a lot. Every player here is ready to help when needed. Any kind of help is found here.

Fearing Corona, many Australian players have left the IPL and are returning to their homes. When asked about Cummins (Pat Cummins), he said that he has no idea that he should leave the IPL. He said that he knows what work he has come here for.


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