Ashwin Shared A Very Funny Video, You Will Not Be Able To Stop Laughing

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New Delhi: Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin is generally considered to be a very serious type of cricketer. On seeing him, the fans have always felt that they sometimes laugh or not. But everyone has got a new look of Ashwin due to lockdown during Coronavirus infection. In the midst of his best live interview series, Ashwin also shared a funny video on his Instagram, whose caption he himself failed to find.

DRS Mimics In A Street Match
Actually, the video shows the scene of a locality where street boys are playing cricket matches. On the appeal of a batsman’s catch out, the umpire gives him out, then he demands DRS. After this, the memory of the replays of the shot is turned on for review, which will not stop you laughing. Finally, the umpire declares the batsman not out.

Ashwin Wrote, Does Not Know What Caption To Give For This
Ashwin shared this funny video and wrote that I do not understand. I do not know what caption to give for this. Along with this, he has also shared a smiley-faced emoji. This video of Ashwin has become fiercely viral among cricket fans. Nearly 3 lakh people have seen it.


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