Afghanistan Cricketer Rashid Khan pained over the death of children in Palestine, said – ‘I can not see it anymore’

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New Delhi: Afghanistan’s leg-spinner Rashid Khan has openly given his reaction on the issue of Palestine. He has expressed the fear of war through his tweet. Rashid told that his country has also met with similar problems and he does not want anyone else to go through the situation he has gone through.

Can’t see it anymore: Rashid Khan

Rashid Khan wrote on his Twitter, ‘I am not a politician, but I want to tell the world leaders to establish peace in the area. I have grown up in a war situation and can understand the fear that children are going through. I can no longer see it. No way. I see every day that children are being murdered in Palestine and Afghanistan. Yes, we should stand for the truth.’

The reaction gave earlier on Palestine

On May 12, Rashid Khan tweeted on the same issue, wrote, ‘As an athlete who plays in all the countries of the world, I want the world to come out of the war. I cannot see the murders of children in Afghanistan and Palestine. Murdering a child is the biggest crime in the world. I want children to wake up with the sound of sparrows and not the noise of bombs.’

230 Palestinians die in Gaza

Significantly, during the 11-day fierce battle, about 230 Palestinians have died in Gaza and about 2,000 others have been injured, while 13 people have been killed in Israel. Israel faced severe international criticism after this war.


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