Ram Navmi 2021: Learn these four qualities from Lord Rama on Ram Navami, your life will change

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New Delhi: According to religious beliefs, Lord Rama, son of King Dasharatha and Mata Kaushalya was born (Lord Rama) on the Navami date of the Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. Therefore, this day is celebrated as Ram Navmi as the birth anniversary of Rama. Today, on 21 April Wednesday, the festival of Ram Navami is being celebrated across the country. According to astrology, this year, on the occasion of Ram Navami, a very auspicious combination of five planets is being made. Know the importance of this auspicious coincidence and what the life of Shriram teaches us.

Auspicious combination of planets being made on Ramnavami

According to astrology (Jyotish Shastra), Lord Shri Ram was born at 12 noon in Cancer Lagna and Abhijeet Muhurta. Talking about Ramnavami falling on 21 April, this day is Pushya Nakshatra till 8 in the morning and Ashlesha Nakshatra throughout the day after that. On this day, the Ascendant Moon is in the Ascendant, the Ascendant Saturn in the seventh house, the Sun in the tenth house, Mercury and Venus, and the day is Wednesday. This position of the planets is making this day extremely auspicious and auspicious (Auspicious day). The worship and shopping done in the auspicious time on this day will be very auspicious and fruitful for the devotees.

What to learn from the life of Lord Rama?

  1. Maintaining sobriety- In today’s era, all of us get angry quickly and we lose patience and patience and go on the wrong path. But the life of Lord Rama teaches us how we should face hardships with restraint. When Ravana took Goddess Sita, the sea was the biggest obstacle in Lord Shri Ram’s path to Lanka. Shri Ram would have dried the sea in a moment, but he did not do so and with patience and restraint, requested to give way to the sea. The result of Shriram’s patience and patience was that he got victory everywhere.
    Humility- Another very important quality of Lord Shri Ram is Humility. He never had arrogance on himself. Embraced a poor friend like Nishad-Raj, ate Shabri’s knuckle plum, gave respect to the army of monkeys and bears, the underprivileged. Even while seeking away from the sea, Lord Shri Ram showed his humility.
  2. The spirit of renunciation- It is said that the person who has developed the spirit of renunciation (Sacrifice) overcomes the sufferings. At the time when preparations were being made for the coronation of Shri Ram, at the same time, he received an order to go to exile. But Lord decided to go to the forest without getting distracted and at the behest of the father, abandoned the coronation.
    How to face the situation- The episodes like Bali’s slaughter and Goddess Sita renunciation are enough to remind us that everything was not simple and simple even in Shriram’s life and everything should always be good in anyone’s life. This is not possible. So you must move out of that situation (How to face the situation) and learn something from it.

(Note: The information given in this article is based on general information and assumptions. Clickfeeds does not confirm these.)


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