Narak Chaudash 2021: Take a bath in this special way today, sins will also end and you will also get freedom from the fear of going to hell

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Narak Chaudash 2021: The second day of the 5-day Deep festival is of Narak Chaudash. It is also called Roop Chaudash. It is believed that bathing early in the morning on this day enhances the appearance and maintains beauty throughout the year. Apart from this, bathing on this day is also associated with getting freedom from hell. If a person especially takes bath on the fourteenth day of hell, then all his sins are destroyed and he also gets freedom from the fear of going to hell.

Take bath like this on Narak Chaudas

On the day of Narak Chaturdashi 2021, one should take a bath in the manner prescribed in religion and astrology. For this, mix turmeric-sandalwood, Besar, saffron and milk and take a bath with it. By doing this, the form shines and positivity also comes in life.

Apart from this, massage the body with sesame oil while taking a bath and after that, rotate a medicinal plant Apamarga (chirchita) from the top of the head 3 times and then take a bath by putting the leaves in water. Also, face the south direction and pray to Yamraj to forgive the sins. By doing this sins are destroyed and the fear of going to hell also ends. On this day, after bathing, definitely apply perfume or perfume etc. Be well prepared. If possible, wear yellow clothes today.

Light diyas in the evening

On the day of Narak Chaturdashi, you must light 14 diyas in the evening. By doing this, the darkness of sorrows and troubles ends in life and the light of lamps communicates happiness and positivity in life. It is auspicious to light lamps of sesame oil on this day. But apart from lighting diyas in the house, do not forget to light diyas under the peepal tree and in the nearest temple.

(Note: The information in this article is based on general information and assumptions. does not endorse the same.)


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