Irfan Pathan Launches Devotional Song On Sai Baba, Says- ‘I Am A Believer’

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Mumbai: In the time of Corona crisis, the whole world is in the shelter of God but people cannot go to the shrine. In such times, devotional songs are great support for them. At such a time, cricket star Irfan Pathan has launched the song “Kasht Mish Do Sai Nath” by composer DJ Sheizwood. On this occasion, Irrfan said, “I am a believer and at this moment spirituality and divinity are very important. I personally like DJ Sheizwood’s composition. When I heard this song, I said that it is for all of us is a must.”

Please tell that this devotional song sung by Ashish Chandra has lyrics by Tajinder Chawla.

DJ Sheizwood said, “Sai Baba has visited many towns and villages and cured every disease. Baba now comes to our aid amidst the worldwide outbreak of Coronavirus. Those who are sick with the virus, Baba cures them. They can achieve their strength and health through medicine. Relieve us of our fear that prevents nations from working together and prevents neighbours from helping each other. I am glad that Irfan Pathan came forward and launched our soulful bhajan. “

This song presented by Vimal Malu is produced by Manik Soni, Sachin Jain and Feroz Khan.


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