Guru Nanak Jayanti Spl: By holding Guru Nanak’s feet, this person saw ‘God’s direction’

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New Delhi: On November 19, the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak is being celebrated across the world. Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first of the Sikhs to establish Sikhism, was born on the full moon day of Kartik. On this day, city kirtans are taken out with pomp and recitation and langar are done all over the world on this day. Guru Nanak Ji taught the lesson of unity and love to the public through his religious and social teachings, which taught the lesson of social unity and love harmony.

For Guru Nanak Ji, the equality of all religions was very important. He studied and understood every religion closely and liberally, and because of this, his religious views continue to increase communal harmony even today.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji also travelled to the pilgrimage places of Hindu, Jain, Buddhist religions and he also went to Mecca with his disciples. During his visit to Mecca, he dressed as a Haji. The incident related to Guru Nanak’s visit to Mecca is recorded in many religious texts and historical books. Haji Tajuddin Naqshbandi writes in ‘Baba Nanak Shah Fakir’ that he met Guru Nanak in Iran during the Hajj pilgrimage.

This episode of Mecca Yatra tells how Guru Nanak opened the eyes of the people to the Divine Presence. It happened that Guru Nanak went to Mecca with his Muslim disciple Mardana. Getting tired there, Guru Nanak Ji lay down in the resting place. During that time his feet were towards the holy Mecca. During this, when Khatim, who was engaged in the service of Hajis there, saw this, he was filled with anger and said to Guru Nanak Ji – You do not see, you are lying with your feet towards Mecca, Medina, here is God.

Then Guru Ji said that he is very tired, so he should put his feet on that side where God is not there. Khatim turned his feet on the other side and the other side also started seeing Mecca. He turned Guru Nanak’s feet in all directions, but after doing so, he started seeing Mecca in every direction. Then Khatim understood that God is everywhere, just a seeing eye is needed.


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