Chhath Puja 2021: Do not forget to offer these fruits to please Chhath Maiya

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New Delhi: Chhath Puja: Chhath Mahaparv has started. This Chhath Puja is celebrated with full enthusiasm across the country. This festival, which lasts for four days, is completed after taking a bath on the first day, Kharna on the second day, Surya Arghya in the evening on the third day, and morning Arghya on the fourth day.

Prasad and other fruits also have importance in Chhath Puja. Which fruit should be offered to Chhathi Maiya, due to which she is most pleased. Let’s find out.


Sixth, Maya likes bananas very much. Banana is also considered the favorite fruit of Lord Vishnu, and banana is considered a pure fruit. People also offer raw bananas to please Chhathi Maiya. In worship, raw bananas are brought home and cooked.

Dabh lemon

Dabh lemon is more significant than a regular lemon, and its taste is sour and sweet. It is enormous, that is why animals and birds do not eat it. This lemon should also be offered as Prasad to Chhathi Maiya.


Offering coconut at the Chhath festival has special significance. Purity is essential in the Chhath festival, and Maa Lakshmi enters the house by offering coconut. At the same time, some devotees pray to be able to offer coconut.


Like coconut, sugarcane is also essential in Chhath Puja. In Chhath Puja also, jaggery made from sugarcane is used in prasad. Many people make a small house out of sugarcane for worship. It is believed that Chhath Maiya brings happiness and prosperity to the house, and sugarcane is considered very dear to Chhathi Maiyya.

Pleasant Fruit

Suthani originates from the soil; hence it is considered pure. Suthani is used in Chhath Puja. It has many medicinal properties, and the taste of Suthani is like a sweet potato. This fruit is considered very pure. Hence it is used in Chhath Puja.


Betel nut has special significance in any worship in Hinduism, and no worship is complete without it. It is believed to be influenced by Goddess Lakshmi.

Water Chestnut (Singhara)

Water chestnut is hard, and animals and birds cannot destroy them, and it is considered the favorite fruit of Goddess Lakshmi. Also, this fruit has many valuable properties.


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