Chandra Grahan 2021: This lunar eclipse is the longest and special in 580 years, know which zodiac sign has to be taken care of

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New Delhi: The last lunar eclipse of the year 2021 is falling on November 19, which will be a partial lunar eclipse in India, due to which there will be no Sutak period. However, according to astronomers, the duration of this partial lunar eclipse is going to be longer and it is happening after 580 years. This makes this lunar eclipse very important.

How and where will the effect of lunar eclipse be

This eclipse will be visible from the extreme north-eastern parts of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam for a short time just after the moonrise. Along with this, this lunar eclipse will be fully visible in America, Australia, East Asia and Northern Europe. This lunar eclipse will take place in Taurus and Kritika constellations. On November 19, after crossing the whole day, the morning will remain 4.29 minutes till Kritika Nakshatra.

Pregnant women do’s and don’ts during a lunar eclipse

Pregnant women should take special care of themselves during this time. They should not do any kind of work. Pregnant women should take a kush equal to their length. If there is no kush, then take a straight stick and make it stand in the corner. With this, if she wants to sit or lie down in the eclipse, she will be able to lie down. Along with pregnant women, other people should also not thread the needle. Pregnant women should not go out of the house, as the light of the eclipse is not good for the health of the child.

Nothing should be cut, peeled, splashed or exposed during the eclipse. During the eclipse, a lot of negativity spreads all around, so wash and put Kush or Tulsi leaves or Doob in all the water pots, milk and curd in the house and after the eclipse is over, the Doob should be removed and thrown away. During this, the temple of God should be covered even in the house. Worship should be done.

When the eclipse starts, take out some grains and any old worn cloth and keep it aside and when the eclipse ends then donate that cloth and grain to a cleaning worker. This will give you auspicious results.

One should take a bath even during the Sutak and it is necessary to take a bath even when the eclipse is removed.

No kitchen related work should be done during the eclipse. Along with this, eating anything should be avoided.

At what time will the lunar eclipse happen in India

There will be a lunar eclipse from 11.34 am to 5.33 pm Indian Standard Time. This eclipse will last for a long time. The total duration of the eclipse will be around 5 hours 59 minutes.

What is a partial lunar eclipse?

A partial lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon. But all three of them are not in a straight line. In such a situation, the shadow of the middle part of the Earth falls on the small surface of the Moon, which is called Umbra. The rest of the moon’s shadow falls on the outer part of the earth, which is called the penumbra. During this time, we see the shadow of the earth in a large part of the moon.


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