Privacy Policy

The data and information mentioned on the website is strictly restricted to this website. If you are visiting our website or using our services and products, it indicates that you agree to our terms and policies. If you have any problem or objection with the policies mentioned on the website, we would advise you to stop the usage immediately. We also own the right to update our policies from time to time to offer better services and product quality to our users. We reserve the right of our images and all the information provided on the website.

In some cases, we also save the information provided by our customers and visitors to update them about our latest services and products. The data and information we save include name, email ID, address, contact number and various other details. We ensure our users that the data you provide is safe with us and we use proper security practices to make sure that the data and information you share with us is protected and secure.

Usage Data

We also collect the information to understand how our services are being used by the users. The data we might save include browser of your version, internet protocol address, date and time of your visit, time you spent on the website as well as the other searched data.

Utilization of Data

We use the data you share with us for these purposes:

To offer you better and improved services like sending products, facilitating payments, sending receipts, updates and other information.

To protect your data from fraud and other misuse as well as for troubleshooting bugs.

To send our customers updates and information about the new products and services, which also include promotional mails, newsletter, etc.

Sharing of Information

We might share the information with the third party website in some cases to provide you requested by us or a third party website.