Will contest elections on 117 seats: Captain Amarinder Singh

Amarinder Singh. (Source: Twitter)
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Everyone was eagerly waiting for the press conference of former Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh to be held today, but he did not announce the name of his party today. The captain said that he will form a new party but what will be the name is not decided yet. He said that he would contest all the 117 seats.

He said, “I am forming a party. Now the question is, what is the name of the party, I cannot tell you this because I myself do not know it. When the Election Commission approves the name and symbol of the party, I will tell you.” I will tell.” He said that when the time comes, we will fight on all 117 seats, whether it is adjustment seat or we will contest on our own.

On the question of Navjot Singh Sidhu, he said that as far as it is concerned, wherever he contests elections, we will fight him.

The Captain said that the Indian government knows that drones are coming, I think this is one of the reasons due to which they have increased the BSF range to 50 km. He said, “Those who make fun of me about security measures, I have been in the army for 10 years. On the other hand, I was the Home Minister of Punjab for 9.5 years and sensitive issues were under me. The one who was the Home Minister for a month says that he knows more than me.”

Amarinder Singh said that he will meet Home Minister Amit Shah tomorrow regarding the issue related to farmers. Amarinder Singh said that he had met Amit Shah thrice in the past on the issue of farmers. Tomorrow we are taking some people with us, around 25-30 people, and we will meet the Home Minister on this issue.

Meanwhile, Punjab Congress chief Navjot Singh Sidhu has once again targeted the former Chief Minister. In a tweet, he said, “We, 78 Congress MLAs can never imagine that we had an Enforcement Directorate controlled, BJP loyal Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh…who has compromised the interests of Punjab to save himself! You were a negative force stopping the justice and development of Punjab.”
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