West Bengal News: Mamata attacks Center, denies Bengal by promising to help

TMC Mamta setback
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Believed to give 600 crores to Odisha and Andhra Pradesh and only 400 crores to Bengal, said

Accused after Shah meets with Chief Ministers of three states

Kolkata Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has once again accused the central government of depriving West Bengal. This time he accused the Center of being half-hearted before the arrival of Cyclone Yaas in Bengal. After the meeting with the Chief Ministers of the three states along with Union Home Minister Amit Shah, the Chief Minister said that the Central Government assured financial assistance of Rs 600 crore to Odisha and Andhra Pradesh as advance assistance. But only Rs 400 crore has been assured to Bengal in advance. Why was it decided to provide less financial support to Bengal than Odisha and Andhra Pradesh?

She was in talks with reporters after a virtual meeting with Shah.

Cyclone Yaas, which enters Bengal in the next two days at a high speed, is reminiscent of Cyclone Amphan. According to the Meteorological Department, Bengal, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh may be affected by this cyclone. However, the probability of loss is highest in Orissa. Therefore, Union Home Minister Amit Shah held a meeting with the Chief Ministers of the three states to deal with ‘Cyclone Yaas’. Before the meeting, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee refused to participate in this meeting and her place, Chief Secretary Alapan Banerjee was going to attend the meeting of the state. But in the end, Mamata Banerjee changed her mind and attended the meeting.

After the meeting, he claimed that Rs 600 crore would be provided to Odisha and Andhra Pradesh before being hit by Cyclone Yaas. However, in the case of Bengal, just Rs 400 crore. He questioned why less money was given despite being such a large state. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee did not get a good answer to the question of why Bengal was discriminated against again.


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