Uproar over ambulance standing at BJP MP’s office, Pappu Yadav said – it should be investigated

Pappu Yadav
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New Delhi: In the era of coronavirus, there is a lack of essential services. Due to this, the general public is facing a huge crisis. In one such case, a debate has erupted between BJP MP Rajiv Prata Rudy and Pappu Yadav, the head of the Jan Adhikar Party.

Rajiv Pratap arrives at Rudy’s office

Significantly, in Chhapra, Bihar, Pappu Yadav reached the office premises of former BJP Minister and National Spokesperson Rajiv Pratap Rudy in Amanore on Friday. Here he showed dozens of ambulances standing. Pappu Yadav, who arrived with police and activist, showed 30 ambulances here. He said that in the kind of environment right now, people need an ambulance, but here they are lying like this.

Pappu Yadav wrote in the tweet, “Former BJP minister, National Spokesperson, Rajiv Pratap Rudy Ji, found dozens of ambulances in the office premises of Amore! Ambulances purchased from the MP Development Fund have been hidden here under whose direction. It should be investigated. Saran DM, civil surgeon, tell it! BJP answer! ”

Rajiv Pratap Rudy replied

Rajiv Pratap Rudy said that Pappu Yadav does cheap politics. They are raising these questions without any knowledge. Get all ambulances to the table. All carts are ready to be delivered for free. Rajiv Pratap Rudy said that Pappu Yadav obstructing the ambulance service in the service of Covid patients with his supporters and confronting the workers engaged in the service is a scandalous offence. In many places, the ambulances of the panchayats were abandoned by drivers due to the coronavirus, Rudy said. Due to this, it could not be operated. Despite this, a large number of ambulances were being run in the Saran district.

70 drivers will be given for an ambulance

On this, Pappu Yadav also said that the challenge is acceptable. He tweeted and said, he accepts the challenge with respect. If you do not find a driver, then Saran, ‘Patna, where you want to drive, make it available to all the ambulances. They will deliver 70 drivers and Corona patients will be served free of charge. They do not do cheap politics. Every day 13 to 15 thousand cases of coronavirus are being found in Bihar.


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