The central government raised Rs 4 lakh crore from increased oil prices; it is better to distribute it among states: Mamata Banerjee

West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee (Source Twitter)
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Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has once again targeted the central government. She claimed that the Center had raised Rs 4 lakh crore from the hike at fuel prices in the recent past, and they have demanded that this money be distributed equally among the states. She alleged that the central government has recently cut excise duty on petrol and diesel, keeping in mind the assembly elections held in five states.

During the West Bengal assembly session, Mamata Banerjee surrounded the central government, saying that the central government has collected about Rs 4 lakh crore by selling cooking gas, petrol, and diesel at inflated prices. Now they (BJP) want the state governments to reduce VAT. If states do this, where will they get their money? The Center should distribute Rs 4 lakh crore equally among the states. The CM further said that his state is providing various subsidies despite the financial constraints.

She accused the central government of promoting electoral politics, saying that “whenever elections are near, they (Centre) bring down the prices. When the elections are over, they raise it again. On oil prices, we have to Those giving speeches should first answer from where the state government will get its money.” Significantly, the BJP unit of West Bengal has threatened to agitate if VAT on oil is not reduced.

Banerjee also accused the central government of treating Bengal step-motherly during the distribution of corona vaccines among the states. “The number of vaccines given to us was very less as compared to the ones given to states like Uttar Pradesh. We have ensured that not a single dose of vaccine is wasted,” he said.


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