On the question of joining politics, Sourav Ganguly said, ‘opportunities come, but let’s see what happens’

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New Delhi: Speculations have intensified about the arrival of Cricket Board of India (BCCI) President Sourav Ganguly before the West Bengal Assembly Election. When asked about this, he did not say anything clearly but turned around and said that let’s see how opportunities get and what happens.

Speculation to join BJP intensified

Let us know that recently, Sourav Ganguly has undergone angioplasty. He is currently resting at his residence in Kolkata. He knows that before the eight-phase elections to be held from March 27 to April 29, there is speculation about his involvement in politics, especially with the BJP.

What did Ganguly say about joining politics?

Ganguly was asked what next after the cricket administration? So he told a TV channel, “Let’s see what happens next, what chance comes, we will decide by this.” Ganguly said that his life has been full of surprises and ups and downs and he would never know. What will happen next for him.

He said, ‘When I became the Indian captain, I did not expect it because then Sachin (Tendulkar) was captaining. If Sachin had not resigned, I probably would not have become the captain. “He further said,” Similarly when I became the BCCI President, I did not know for a few minutes before I became the BCCI President. My life has been like this … so we will see what happens. ‘

Ganguly said that given the different aspects of one’s life, opportunities need to be considered. He said, ‘Opportunities come and you are affected by many things, your family, lifestyle, work, health, everything. See what happens.’

When will viewers get an entry in IPL?

When asked questions about not allowing spectators in the Indian Premier League (IPL), he said that there could have been a much bigger logistical issue than allowing spectators in the league, which recently ended against England. It would have been much more difficult than in the test series.

The BCCI announced that viewers would not be allowed entry to Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad and there would be no home matches for any franchise. He said, ‘We planned it well and we will do it in pieces. There will be a maximum of three chartered flights for each team. Hopefully, we’ll be able to handle it. “He said,” There were only two domestic chartered flights for the teams on the England tour. “

Ganguly further said that the flights are short but it is a big tournament, BCCI has successfully organized in Dubai, hopefully, we will be able to do it this time too. Is considering


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