Kamal Nath said that the case of murder should be registered against the culprits, the minister should resign

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Bhopal: State Congress President and former Chief Minister Kamal Nath made a scathing attack on the government over the death of children due to a fire in the hospital. He said that those responsible themselves are being investigated, and the entire matter should be investigated under the supervision of the sitting judge of the High Court. He congratulated the doctors and medical staff for saving the children’s lives. He demanded that those responsible for the incident, action against the culprits, and the responsible minister be removed from the post. He also demanded the registration of murder cases against the culprits.

After the incident, Kamal Nath, who reached the hospital to meet the victims while discussing with the media, said that the relatives are not allowed to meet the children. I have seen the condition of the hospital. The situation is terrifying, extremely frightening. This incident is not a matter of politics but has come to the fore due to the system’s negligence. This is the third incident in the last six months. The BJP government works to suppress and hide every matter. Now the work of suppressing the death statistics of this incident is also being done. Earlier, there were more than 2.5 lakh deaths in the state due to Corona, but the government kept suppressing the figures. Even in Corona, when there were deaths due to lack of oxygen, redeliver, it woke up, and still after this incident, all the action is being discussed. The fire system in the hospital was closed, there were no fire prevention arrangements. This incident of fire came to light due to a short circuit.

BJP is not worried; it is busy in the mega show

Taking a dig at the ruling party BJP, Kamal Nath said that the BJP would not make any difference to these deaths. She is busy preparing for the mega event show on 15th November. They don’t care about the families of the victims. The video of BJP’s state in charge is in front of everyone. He says that I have a Brahmin in one pocket, a Bania in one pocket; they are themselves dividing society and insulting them. This is their thinking, BJP tells every society in its pocket today.


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