It may take time for an ambulance to be given from the funds of Congress MLAs, will be procured from tender

ambulance to be given from the funds of Congress MLAs
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Jaipur: On May 21 in the Corona crisis, former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s sacrifice day may have been announced by the Congress MLAs to give two ambulances in their respective constituencies, but the MLA may also want two ambulances in the constituency on May 21. I Will not be able to give it to the public.

One reason is that 220 ambulances are to be given by 110 Congress MLAs. In such a situation, it is not possible to give such a large number of ambulances, so that on the first day only the ambulance can be given only in a symbolic way. It is being told that in one of the major cities including Jaipur, one or two ambulances have been announced. It is being said that on May 21, many manufacturing companies have also been talked to get more ambulances, but the companies have expressed their inability on this.

Ambulance preparation takes time

If sources are to be believed, it takes a long time for vehicles to be given an ambulance. The company takes about 10 to 15 days to assemble an ambulance. In such a situation, such a large number of ambulances will not be ready on the very first day.

Preparation for purchase through tender

If Congress sources are to be believed, the power and organization will jointly issue a tender to buy the ambulance to be given by the Congress MLAs and the ambulance will be procured through the tender itself. For this, the Congress party and the government are in talks with several different companies. It is being said that within one or 2 days, the government can issue a tender process for the ambulance purchase, after which the ambulances prepared by the company which will receive the tender for the ambulance purchase will be sent to different assembly constituencies.

It is worth mentioning that on the occasion of the sacrifice day of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, the State Congress has instructed all its MLAs to give 2-2 ambulances to the Legislative Assembly constituencies on the occasion of the Sacrifice Day so that the needy people get the ambulanc for free services.


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