Happy that Supreme Court has accepted to look into Pegasus snooping issue: Rahul Gandhi

Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi (Source Twitter)
Rahul Gandhi. (Source: Twitter)
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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday slammed the BJP after the Supreme Court’s decision on Israeli spyware Pegasus. Rahul said that during the last Parliament session, we had raised the issue of Pegasus as we felt that it was an attack on the democratic structure of the country, and today the Supreme Court gave its verdict and supported what we had said. The Congress leader said that we are happy that the Supreme Court has given its verdict on this.

Rahul said, ‘We were asking three questions to the government. Who gave power to Pegasus? We know that this software cannot be bought by any individual but the government can buy it. Our second question was, who were spied on through this, because there was a long list, from leaders of opposition parties to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. We wanted to know who was spied on. We also asked if any other country had information about our people, but we were not given any reply.

Rahul Gandhi said that Pegasus was an attempt to end India’s democracy, a means to control the country’s politics so that people could be blackmailed. He said, ‘We are happy that the Supreme Court has given its verdict. We will raise this matter again in Parliament and maybe the Bharatiya Janata Party will try to stop that debate. We would like there to be a discussion in the Parliament, Pegasus has been ordered either by the Prime Minister or by the Home Minister. No other person can order it.

Rahul Gandhi said, ‘If the Prime Minister has attacked our own country together with some other country, then we also want to hear from the Prime Minister whether he has done it, and if he has, why has he done it. If we see legally, the use of Pegasus is illegal in India. We want to know that if the Prime Minister has allowed it, then why has the illegal act been allowed.


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