Gorakhpur MP Ravi Kishan got Y + Security, said ‘Thank you, Maharaj Ji!’


Gorakhpur: BJP MP from Gorakhpur, Ravi Kishan, had also raised his voice in the Parliament in the past, and said that the addiction in the film industry has increased. Due to which they are very much discussed. In view of this, they have been given security of Y + level. This information was given by Ravi Kishan himself by tweeting.

Why get Y + security?
The BJP MP thanked Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for tweeting and wrote, “Pujya Maharaj Ji, in view of my security, the security of the Y + category you have provided me, for this I, my family and my public The people of the assembly area are indebted to you and thank you. My voice will always resonate in the House.”

Ravi Kishan on the target of Bollywood
Let me tell you, Ravi Kishan had raised his voice in the Lok Sabha about the ongoing drugs case in Bollywood. Apart from this, the issue which has been levelled by Payal Ghosh on director Anurag Kashyap was also raised in the Lok Sabha. After this, Gorakhpur MPs became the subject of discussion and many people in Bollywood also came under target. Actress and SP MP Jaya Bachchan also got angry at Ravi Kishan and described him as a hole in the plate in Rajya Sabha. Apart from this, many celebrities have been accused of defaming the industry on Ravi Kishan. Ravi Kishan had earlier said in a statement that he has lost many of his projects in Bollywood after raising his voice over the drugs connection in Parliament.


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