Elect Yogi Adityanath again if you want Modi as PM in 2024: Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah (Source Twitter)
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Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Friday dismissed all speculations about the chief minister’s face in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections to be held early next year, saying that if (Narendra) Modi is to be made the Prime Minister in 2024, then Yogi once again in 2022. (Adityanath) will have to be made the Chief Minister. In Lucknow on Friday, Shah launched the Bharatiya Janata Party’s membership drive with the slogan ‘Mera Parivar-BJP Parivar’. In his address to the Shakti Kendra convener/in-charge of Awadh region, he said that when the people of BJP carry lotus flag and slogan, the heart of the opposition parties are shaken.

Shah said, “This election is a choice to make Bharat Mata Vishwa Guru. After Diwali, the election campaign will gain momentum and the workers should join it by showing dedication. In 2022, once again give more than 300 seats to BJP. We will make Uttar Pradesh the number one state in the country. Modi is the Prime Minister and he gives what Uttar Pradesh needs immediately. The foundation for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections will be the 2022 Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. There is still a lot to do in Uttar Pradesh. We will again come out with the manifesto and will come back to you in 2027 only after completing 100 per cent of what we say.

The Home Minister said that after 2017 BJP gave its real identity to UP and took the state forward on the path of development. He said ‘BJP has shown that governments are not for the family, but for the poorest person in the state’ New clothes have been stitched that our government is going to be formed. Shah took a jibe at Akhilesh, demanding that he give account of his foreign trips to the public. ‘These people ruled for themselves, for the family and then for the caste and did not think for anyone.’

Shah also attacked Gandhi and the Vadra family. He said, “There are some people who just come out like election frogs at the time of elections.” Lashing out at the Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party, Shah said, “The game of SP and BSP continued in UP for many years and the state Ruined. There used to be migration from Kairana in western UP and the rulers in Lucknow were not affected. Today the situation is different because only those who have migrated have migrated.

Shah said, ‘No one had imagined that a Ram temple would be built in Ayodhya. SP used to taunt us that the temple will be built there and will not tell the date. But now the foundation of the temple has been laid. The SP government had roasted Ram devotees with bullets. This is the difference between family parties and BJP. Shah said, ‘BJP’s promise was that Article 370 will be removed from Kashmir. We got absolute majority in 2019 and we uprooted Article 370 and 35A. The Mukut Mani of Bharat Mata is today forever associated with India and has become an integral part of India.

The Home Minister, by contacting the public for the assembly elections, claimed to have made an election manifesto with their wish, and told the workers, ‘What you will bring to the party, compile it Dharmendra Pradhan (Election Incharge) and Swatantra Dev (State President). Will make a manifesto.” He claimed that 90 percent of the promises made in the 2017 manifesto have been fulfilled. Shah also mentioned the achievements and welfare schemes of the central and state governments. The Chief Minister of the state Yogi Adityanath called upon the workers and said that they should work to connect every family with the BJP family by being dedicated towards the goal that the organization has set.


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