CM Yogi read ‘infidelity’ poetry in Vidhan Sabha for the first time


Lucknow: On Saturday, the Yogi government introduced 17 bills on the third day in the monsoon session of the Vidhan Sabha (Uttar Pradesh) Vidhan Sabha. Due to the uproar, the proceedings of the house had to be postponed for 15 minutes. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath looked quite aggressive on the opposition’s uproar. He answered every question of the opposition. During this, he also read poetry which is becoming viral on social media. On the last day of the monsoon session of the Legislative Assembly, the Leader of the House, Chief Minister Yogi, in a speech of about an hour, praised his MLAs fiercely and took a dig at the opposition.

Attacking the opposition, Yogi said that Congress and SP are running a campaign to save each Khan. The entire House continued to welcome his statement by playing tables and applause. Taking a dig at Congress-SP (Congress-Samajwadi Party), Chief Minister Yogi also read a lion for the first time. He said, ‘I know the verse, not the poetry. But today it would be definitely said that some leaves may have fallen in the watering of Chaman, accusations are being made but infidelity is upon us. Defeated Chaman, with his feet, he is claiming the leadership of this Chaman.

Taking a dig at the opposition parties, he said that it is Khan who has always cheated the law. The Chief Minister also targeted the uproar of Congress and SP in the Assembly. He said that upon entering the house, a member of the opposition party was seen hanging the neck around the neck, and in Meerut, he got the idea of ​​a criminal who was pleading for life. He said that the public will teach a lesson to those who stand in favour of criminals.

The chief minister, who is seen as a particularly aggressive attacker on the Congress, said that the Congress leaders are demanding the release of such a person, for which threatening calls are coming from outside. It is threatened that if not released, they will do it. But they have been told that this is Uttar Pradesh. Before doing anything here, one has to travel to another world. Only threaten if you travel to other people. The government is not afraid of anyone’s threat. Here the security agencies will not leave out those who do something.


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