CM Nitish Kumar lashed out at the opposition over the prohibition of liquor, said- politics is being done on the dead bodies

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New Delhi: Even after the prohibition of liquor in Bihar, cases of people dying due to drinking spurious liquor are coming to the fore. The opposition is attacking the government regarding this issue. On Monday, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar made a scathing attack on the opposition parties regarding this issue. The CM said that everyone has turned against me in such difficult times when people should be explained at such times.

Politics on dead bodies

Nitish Kumar said that despite the prohibition of liquor, some people are running liquor businesses in the state, due to which people are dying. In such a situation, all the parties of the state should unite and run an awareness campaign, people should be told how dangerous this alcohol is for their health. If you drink it, you will die. Despite this, some people are doing politics on dead bodies even at such times.

Let us inform you that Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has called a meeting on Tuesday. In this meeting, the liquor prohibition law applicable in the state will be explained. During this, even after the prohibition of liquor in Bihar, the deaths due to poisonous liquor will also be discussed. District level officers will also participate in this meeting. It is believed that during this time the officers will be questioned as to why such incidents are coming to the fore in the state despite the prohibition of liquor.

It is worth noting that the Nitish government had banned liquor in Bihar. Even after this, cases of people dying due to drinking spurious liquor come to the fore every day in the state. Many people died due to drinking spurious liquor in the state even during Diwali. Since then CM Nitish is looking strict. On the other hand, the opposition is seen attacking the government.


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