“CM Mamata insulted”: TMC MP Saugata Roy

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Kolkata: The election riots of Bengal have ended a month ago. But perhaps the resentment of BJP and TMC continues the same way. Perhaps this is the reason why the meeting regarding Yaas Cyclone once again saw a confrontation between the Center and the TMC government of Bengal.

In fact, on Friday, PM Modi held a review meeting taking the devastation from Yas. It is being told that the PM and the governor wait for CM Mamta for half an hour for this meeting. Even when Mamata Banerjee came, she handed over documents related to the storm to the Central Government officials. CM Mamata said that she has to attend other meetings. Shubhendu Adhikari, Leader of the Opposition in the Bengal Legislative Assembly, said that this is a ‘black day in India’s long-standing ethos of cooperative federalism. He described Mamata Banerjee’s short meeting with the PM as a reflection of her ‘dictatorial nature and lack of respect for constitutional values.

Reacting to the allegation of Suvendu Adhikari, retaliating on TMC MP Saugata Roy, he said that replying to him was under his dignity.

TMC MP Roy said, “It is under my dignity to respond to the allegations levelled by Suvendu Adhikari. He is a defection, party hopper and is of no importance.”

“CM Mamata insulted”: Saugata Roy

TMC leader Saugata Roy claimed in a conversation from Republic TV that PMO officials had insulted Mamata Banerjee and that the Suvendu Adhikari had no point in appearing in a review meeting with the PM as he was not important.

He said, “The CM himself has made things clear that there has been a disaster in Bengal. It is good that the Prime Minister wanted to visit the state but CM Mamata wanted a face-to-face meeting with PM Modi. He was not allowed to do it.” For a review meeting in which people like Shuvendhu Adhikari were invited – who have no business being present in the official meeting. Still, Mamata Banerjee went and put forth her demand in a face-to-face meeting with the PM and walked She was humiliated by the PMO officials and asked to wait for 20 minutes.

“It is our fault that we defeated BJP”: Saugata Roy

“PM went back to Delhi and called the chief secretary to join Delhi on Monday. It is an insult to the chief minister, chief secretary and the state government. Maybe it’s our fault that we defeated the BJP in the assembly elections, maybe it’s our fault That we are Bengalis and therefore we are insulted and untouched. It is against the principle of the centre-state relationship. I completely condemn the attitude of the PM and the Central Government.


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