BJP sent Bhagwat Geeta to Rahul Gandhi, said- he needs to read a lot

Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi (Source Twitter)
Rahul Gandhi. (Source: Twitter)
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New Delhi: The controversy that started after Salman Khurshid compared the ideology of Hindutva and RSS with that of terrorist organizations in his book is not stopping. BJP is continuously attacking Congress on this issue. Now BJP leader from Bihar Sanjay Jaiswal has sent Bhagwat Geeta to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. He says that Rahul Gandhi and Congress need to grow a lot.

Rahul Gandhi most confused leader

BJP leader Sanjay Jaiswal says that Rahul Gandhi is the most confused leader in the country. They make so many publicized visits to temples, yet they still do not understand the basics of Hinduism. The BJP leader said Rahul Gandhi’s attempt to separate Hindutva from Hindutva was “the height of ignorance” and a reflection of the Congress’s allegiance to the principle of ‘divide and rule’.

Sanjay Jaiswal did not stop there, he attacked Rahul Gandhi saying that ‘Gandhi has claimed that he has read the Upanishads’. We want to know if he has read the Italian translation. This is the reason why I am sending them Bhagwat Geeta, by reading it they will get a lot of information about our religion.

It is worth noting that recently, Congress leader Salman Khurshid in his book compared Hindutva associated with the ideology of RSS-BJP with terrorist Islamic organizations. After this BJP is aggressive on Congress, VHP has threatened Salman Khurshid to cut his tongue. At the same time, BJP leaders say that Congress is trying to spoil the communal atmosphere in the country. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had also defended Salman Khurshid, since then BJP is also attacking Rahul Gandhi.


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