Bengal: TMC’s serious allegation on BJP before civic elections, getting a ticket for Rs 1 lakh

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New Delhi: The preparations for the civic elections in West Bengal are in full swing. Due to this, the mercury of the state has gone up. The ruling party of the state is seen as an attacker on BJP. Before the elections, TMC made serious allegations against the BJP and said that the party is distributing tickets for the elections by taking money. TMC has made this allegation on BJP by sharing a video on social media.

Tickets being given with money

Let us inform you that Trinamool Congress has shared a video of a person named Pritam from its official Twitter handle. This person is demanding one lakh rupees from someone for getting a BJP ticket for Bengal civic elections. This person named Pritam is claiming that if he gives money, he will get election tickets. It is also mentioned in the video that this amount has been fixed by BJP state president Sukanta Majumdar.

Since then the war of words has started once again between TMC and BJP. Both the parties are levelling allegations against each other. At the same time, the BJP state president has presented a clarification in this regard. He has denied all the allegations levelled by the TMC, saying that it is nothing more than a conspiracy to defame the BJP.

Sukanta Majumdar has claimed that the person whose talk is shown in the video was earlier a TMC worker. BJP state president says that if I had to take money for a ticket, today my house would be bigger than Abhishek Banerjee. At present, there is a lot of politics going on in the state regarding this issue.


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