BDJS forms a new party, leaving NDA, shock BJP before Kerala Assembly election

BJP Team of Delhi soon to be changed (Source Twitter)

New Delhi: Even before the assembly elections in Kerala, the Bharati Janata Party (BJP) has suffered a major setback. Here, Bharat Dharma Jan Sena (BDJS) has announced the formation of a new party after separating from the NDA. Actually, before this, BDJS was part of the National Democratic Alliance in Kerala.

It is believed that BDJS will join the United Democratic Front (UDF) by forming a new party.

As the assembly elections come closer, a round of political parties begins. A similar effect is now visible in Kerala. The Bharatiya Janata Party has suffered a major setback before the elections here.

Before the elections, the new faction has announced a new political party, the Bharatiya Jana Sena (BJS), under the leadership of NK Neelakandan Master.

On the other hand, BJS Executive President V Gopakumar has also made a big charge on BJP. He has said that BJP was using BDJS as a political ‘tool’, which will not be allowed to happen now.

Not only this, Gopakumar said, ‘We cannot stay in the NDA even for a minute because we are unhappy with this conspiracy.

Trust UDF

Gopkumar said that we trust the UDF and the BJS will work with the UDF with complete confidence. He said that about 12 community organizations have announced our support.

BDJS is nothing but a tool for the BJP. They cannot live in an organization that has become politically irrelevant in the state. This is the reason why the new party has been formed.

BJP is cheating Hindu devotees

Making a big accusation on the BJP, Gop Kumar has said that the Bharatiya Janata Party is forming a relationship with the CPIM to come to power which is a hoax with Hindu devotees. We are confident that the UDF will bring an ordinance on the Sabarimala issue when it comes to power. He said that NK Neelakandan Master would be the president of the new party.

Let us tell you that Kerala has 140 assembly seats and the term of Pinarayi Vijayan government is ending on June 1. However, from March to April, the Election Commission is preparing to conduct assembly elections in five states including Kerala.


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