Zoom, Google Meet is going to be a big shock, Microsoft team will be able to make video calls with 250 people

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New Delhi: Due to the lockdown, now most people have started meeting through video calls. Due to Corona, where people are unable to meet each other, many companies are also using various types of video call apps to do their official meetings. Most people are using Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft team for video calling.

Zoom, maximum limit of 50 on Google
However, video calls can be done with a maximum of 50 people simultaneously on Zoom and Google Meet. However, the zoom app is operated by a Chinese company, which has many security flaws. Due to this, the government had also issued an advisory regarding the use of the zoom app. At the same time, Microsoft team is going to give a new feature to people from next month. Now users will be able to make video calling with 250 people simultaneously and there will be no charge for this.

There are 7.5 crore users worldwide
At present, Microsoft claims that the team has 7.5 crore users all over the world. Microsoft has said that if someone wants to work on a big project or discuss an event with the staff, then it can also be used for group chat.

Currently, in the free plan, a group call can be made with 20 people in Microsoft team. People with paid plans can also schedule their meetings and record phone calls. Along with this, it also gets audio conferencing. At the same time, users also get a TB storage facility.


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