YouTube launches Shorts, its TikTok-like short-form video feature, in India


Delhi: In India, the TikTok ban has been taken by many tech companies as an opportunity. Under this link, YouTube has also launched an early beta version of short video making platform Shorts similar to TikTok in India. Through this, you will be able to create videos of 15 seconds. The special thing is that by editing these videos, you can add Youtube licensed songs to them.

Youtube has 308 million active users in India, which is more than Tiktok. In such a situation, it is believed that YouTube will have to bring all its users to YouTube Shorts only then this company will be able to make a name in the short video making platform.

Let me tell you that recently Facebook has also launched Instagram’s Reels feature in the competition of Tiktok, but Instagram’s Reels feature could not be popular in India like Tiktok. Now Facebook is bringing the Lasso feature in Tiktok’s competition.


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