What will the world be like after defeating Corona? PM Modi said on the basis of words AEIOU

PM Modi. (Source: Twitter)
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What will the world be like after defeating the coronavirus? How will there be working practices? What changes will happen in people’s lifestyle? All these questions are naturally arising in the minds of people. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has answered these questions in a unique way. He has shared his thoughts on these topics on the social networking website LinkedIn of professional people through the English word vowel ie ‘AEIOU’. PM Modi said that he is also adapting himself to change. He said that after Corona, new business and work culture will be redefined according to AEIOU. He tweeted, ‘While the world is fighting the war with the Coronavirus, the energetic and new-born youth of India can show the way to a healthy and prosperous future. In this regard, we have shared some thoughts on @LinkedIn which are useful for youth and professionals. “PM Modi’s post is titled” Life in the era of COVID-19. “

PM Modi said that just as English words have a special significance of Vowel AEIOU, similarly in the post-Corona life, these words will have special significance:

The need of the hour is to adopt such a business and lifestyle model that can be easily managed. By doing this, we will also be able to keep our business safe and save lives in this hour of crisis. Digital payment may be the best example in this episode. Large or small shoppers should invest in digital tools. This will not hinder the business. There is already an increase in digital transactions in India.

Similarly, one can also take the example of Telemedicine. In this, we can consult a doctor without going to a clinic or hospital. This is also a good sign for the future.

We have to think about its meaning afresh. Efficiency cannot only mean how much time we have spent in the office? We should consider a model where productivity and efficiency are preferred over efforts. Emphasis should be given on completing the work in a fixed period.

Such a business model will have to be developed in which along with caring for the poor, there is also a sense of security of the earth. We have made great progress on the issue of climate change. Mother Earth has shown that if human activities are minimal, then it flourishes more and more. Therefore, this will be the future of such technology which minimizes our impact on the earth.

Similarly, Corona has made us realize that low-cost technology has to be developed on a large scale to diagnose health problems. Through this, we can become leaders in the service of global health and humanity.

Opportunity (O-Opportunity)
Every crisis brings opportunities with itself. The coronavirus is no different. In such a situation, we should assess new opportunities / new areas of development. This can be done on the basis of your people, your ability and your ability. In such a situation, India can be seen in a leading role in the post-Corona world.

Coronavirus does not see race, religion, caste, community, language and borders. In such a situation, our behaviour should be primarily rooted in the spirit of unity and brotherhood.


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