We have no technology to stop an asteroid colliding with Earth: Scientists

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New Delhi: Scientists are working relentlessly to unravel the mysteries of space. Sometimes asteroids pass very close to the Earth. In such a situation, due to passing very close to the earth, there is an increased risk of hitting the earth. It has happened many times in history. Therefore, scientists take many measures to prevent the asteroid’s collision with the Earth. But no technology has been developed so far to prevent the asteroid from hitting the Earth.

A conference on planetary defence was organized by the United Nations last week. During this time, representatives of major space agencies proved that there is no technology on Earth to prevent our planet (Earth) from colliding with an asteroid.

According to NASA, a catastrophe will inevitably occur even if it takes more than 6 months to prepare to push back an asteroid. Interestingly, the lack of technology is not the main point, although it is the most important thing. The governments of the world’s major powers were not prepared to reverse the disaster and mitigate its consequences.


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