Wajid Khan Did Not Leave Music Even At The Last Minute, Check This VIDEO

Wajid Khan passed at the age of 42. (Source: Instagram)
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New Delhi: Recently, the news of the demise of Bollywood veteran musician and singer Wajid Khan had shocked everyone. On June 1, at the age of 42 in a hospital in Mumbai, the musician bid farewell to the world. Wajid was ill but says that for an artist, his art is more beloved than his life. So the same thing was proved by Wajid Khan. Because Wajid, who is fighting for life and death, did not leave music with him till the last time. We are not saying this, but a video shared by his brother Sajid Khan is proving.

Wajid’s brother Sajid could not come out of the shock of his brother’s demise yet, but he has shared a video in which his brother Wajid, who is hospitalized, is seen making music on the pianos. Now, this video of Wajid is going viral on social media. This video is telling how Wajid had made his life in the name of music.

It is clearly seen in the video that this was made in the hospital, in which Wajid is on the bed of the hospital and is playing the piano on the phone. Sharing this, Sajid writes that ‘the world has missed, everything is missed, neither did you ever leave music, nor will music leave you. My brother is a legend and the legend never dies. I will love you forever In my happiness, in my prayers, you will always be in my name.

Remind you that soon after the death of Wajid, another video came out in which he was seen singing his superhit song ‘Hood Hood’ Dabangg. Sajid Khan had told that this video was his last video.


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