Twitter is bringing a great feature by which you will never be able to make a mistake


New Delhi: People from all over the world use the social media platform Twitter. Twitter says it is soon working on a ‘read your article before retweeting’ feature for all users. The company began testing the prompt in June, which shows when people go to retweet a post they don’t actually click to read.

Twitter says its motivation is to help promote discussion of the content posted. Headlines often do not tell the whole story and unless users read it, it can be misleading. Encouraging people to at least read the article they are sharing seems like a smart way to promote media literacy and prevent unwanted responses that can make misinformation viral.

Initial results surprised everyone
The company shared some results from its initial testing of the feature, which was limited to Twitter users on Android. After the adoption of the feature, it says that people showed articles opening more quickly 40 per cent more times and that the total proportion of people who opened articles before retiring increased by 33 per cent. The company also said that ‘some people’ do not retweet the post after opening it.

A warning will be sent on sending an offensive reply
Twitter says that it is now ‘soon working on bringing these features to everyone globally’ and said that in the future, this prompt will be shortened once it is shown to users. This feature warns users before sending an aggressive reply and limits the option to reply to a tweet. Hopefully, all users will get a reminder before using this feature before retweeting anything that will help the user retweet the post with the correct content.


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