Top 10 statements of PM Narendra Modi to the whole nation on coronavirus lockdown 2.0 speech

PM Modi. (Source: Twitter)
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New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi extended the lockdown period in the country till May 3, taking a step forward in the war against Coronavirus. While addressing the country, he told the public about many situations. Let’s know, the big things of his address …

1. India is moving very strongly in the fight against Corona global epidemic. Due to your sacrifice and austerity, India has been able to avert to a large extent the damage caused by Corona.

2. How many problems have you encountered? Somebody has the problem of eating, the hassle of commuting, some house is away from the family, but you are doing your duty like a soldier. This is what the People of the People has said in our constitution.

3. Babasaheb’s life gives us constant motivation to overcome every challenge with our self-power. I salute Babasaheb on behalf of all the countrymen.

4. It is time for different festivals in different parts of the country. The way the people of the country are following the rule of lockdown. Staying in their homes, celebrating the festival with great simplicity. It is very admirable and inspiring. I wish you good family health.

5. How India has tried to prevent infection in comparison to other countries, you have been its partner. When there was not a single case here, then screening was started at the airport here. When the number reached 100, isolation was started. When there were 550 cases, then India took the step of 21-day lockdown. Did not wait for the problem to grow.

6. This is a crisis that is not right to compare with any country. If we look at the statistics of the big capable countries of the world, then India is in a very stable position. Thousands of people have died tragically in those countries. If India had not adopted a holistic and integrated approach, if we had not taken fast decisions, then the imagery of what India would have been like, would have gone wrong. The path we have chosen is the right one for us. The country has got a huge benefit of social distancing.

7. There is a huge price to be paid from an economic point of view. It is but natural to discuss the path India has followed in limited means. But there can be no comparison before the life of Indians. Friends, the way corona is spreading among all these efforts, it has alerted health experts and governments worldwide.

8. How to proceed now, how to reduce the loss here, how to reduce the problems of the people, have discussed continuously with the states. Everyone suggests that lockdown be increased. Many states have already decided to increase. In India, the lockdown will have to be increased by 3 May. During this time, we have to follow the discipline as we have been doing. Now Corona does not allow us to spread to new areas at any cost.

9. If there is a tragic death of a patient from Corona anywhere, then our concern should be increased. The caution has to be taken by marking the hotspot more than before. The creation of new hotspots will threaten our labour and austerity.

10. By 20 April, every town, police station, district, the state will be examined very closely. There will be an assessment of how much lockdown is being followed, how much the area has told itself. Those who will not allow hotspots to increase, there may be some activity allowed from April 20, but the exit rules will be very strict. If the corona leg spreads in our area, then permission will be withdrawn.

11. Detailed guidelines will be issued by the government tomorrow. The provision of exemption from 20th date has been taken keeping in mind our poor family. Through the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana, full attention has been taken of his help. Harvesting of Rabi crop is going on. The central and state government is taking full care. The ration is complete in the country.

12. Over 220 labs are working in testing. The world’s data says that 1600 beds are needed when Corona has 10,000 patients. We have arranged one lakh beds. Today, India has limited resources, but the young scientists of India are urged that world welfare should come forward for human welfare. Take the initiative to make the vaccine.

13. I am asking for your support, 7 demands:

– Take special care of the elderly in your home, especially those who have a chronic illness.

– Follow the rules of social distancing, use only face masks made at home.

– To increase your immunity, follow the instructions of the Ministry of AYUSH. Drink warm water and brew.

– Download the Arogya Setu Mobile App and inspire others.

– As much as possible, look after the poor family.

– Be sensitive to the people working in your business, industry, do not remove them from work.

– Honour the Corona warriors of the country.

14. Stay where you are, stay safe. Sincerely follow the lockdown.

15. I wish you good health of your family.


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