The story of the owner of ‘Baba ka Dhaba’, Kanta Prasad received 45 lakh rupees in donation, now know how much money is left in the account?

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New Delhi: Kanta Prasad, the owner of Baba Ka Dhaba, who became famous after the video went viral on social media, is once again in the news, as he has once again closed his new restaurant after heavy losses. Have come to the Dhaba located in Malviya Nagar of Delhi. After the video went viral last year, he got the help of lakhs of rupees, but now people are questioning where did that money go.

How much money did Kanta Prasad get?

According to the report of Navbharat Times, Kanta Prasad, owner of Baba Ka Dhaba said, ‘I did not know earlier that how much money has come in my account. It was found through the newspaper that about 45 lakh rupees have come. Earlier it was 39 lakhs, then it was 45 lakhs.’

Where did Kanta Prasad spend the money?

According to the report, after getting financial help, Kanta Prasad opened a new restaurant in December last year, for which he had invested about Rs 5 lakh. Apart from this, he built a new floor in his house, paid off his old debt, bought smartphones for himself and his children. Apart from this, money was also spent on the damage being done in the restaurant.

Thousands were being lost every month in the restaurant

The new restaurant of Baba Ka Dhaba owner Kanta Prasad has closed in February after heavy losses. The monthly expenditure of the restaurant was around Rs 1 lakh, while the average monthly sales never exceeded Rs 40,000. The expenses of Kanta Prasad include restaurant rent of Rs 35000, the salary of three employees of Rs 36000 and Rs 15,000 for ration, electricity and water. Gradually, the number of customers coming to the restaurant decreased and the cost of the restaurant started increasing. After this Baba had to close his restaurant.

Now how much money is left with Kanta Prasad?

Regarding how much money is left with Kanta Prasad, he said, ‘I have only 19 lakh rupees left.’ He said, ‘I think the wrong advice was given to open a new restaurant and there was a huge loss. Now the remaining money is kept for a safe future.’

Kanta Prasad had come to the limelight overnight

Let us tell you that last year, YouTuber Gaurav Wasan shared a video, in which Kanta Prasad, owner of Baba’s Dhaba and Badami Devi shared a video. After this, his luck had changed and there was a line of eaters at the Dhaba. Apart from this, a large number of people came forward to help him. However, after this, he also accused YouTube of cheating.

Did Gaurav Wasan betray Baba?

Does he still have any complaint with Gaurav Wasan? On this question, Kanta Prasad said, ‘Gaurav helped us and how can it be said about him that he cheated us. We were tricked and got the paper signed. We were just wanting to know how much money has come into the account.’


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