The good news for railway passengers, the fare of trains has become cheaper

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Lucknow: Good news for railway passengers. Now the train fare will be reduced. The new fare list will come in just a week. In this regard, Railway Board has given one week to CRIS for filling the fare. The order of the Railway Board has reached the DRM of Lucknow Division.

Special trains now closed: Special trains running with zero for the last one and a half years during the Corona period have been stopped. And now the trains will run regularly with the earlier number and fixed time table. This will make the travel of passengers cheaper than before.

Special trains were started during the Corona period: Railways stopped operating trains in March last year due to Corona. Shramik Special trains began on May 1, 2020. In which the workers were made to travel by taking Tatkal fare. Initially, only confirmed tickets were issued. After that, the waiting list was released. The rent of which was made expensive by 20 to 30 percent.

The benefit of cheap fare will not be available: It has been clarified in the order of the Railway Board that those passengers who have already made the reservation will not benefit from the cheap fare.

Lucknow Mumbai fare will be reduced by Rs 330: The AC second fare of LTT Special from Lucknow to Mumbai will cost Rs 2385 instead of Rs 2780. AC third will cost Rs 1665 instead of 2015, and sleeper class will cost Rs 635 instead of 805. Lucknow Delhi Sleeper Fare:- The fare of Lucknow Mail Train between Lucknow and Delhi is Rs.2305 instead of Rs.1960, AC-Second Rs.1170 instead of Rs.1440, AC Third Rs.835 instead of 1050, and Sleeper class Rs.325 instead of Rs.385.

Lucknow Kolkata fare: Similarly, Kolkata’s AC First fare will cost Rs 3285 instead of 3740, AC second class will cost Rs 1945 instead of 2385, AC third will cost Rs 1355 instead of 1750, and the sleeper will cost Rs 505 instead of 670. On the other hand, Chennai’s AC second fare will be Rs 3015 instead of 3400, AC third will cost Rs 2085 instead of 2415, the sleeper will be Rs 800 instead of 950.


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