The Congress MLA Aditi Singh Raised A Question On Priyanka Gandhi’s Bus Dispute, Said – What A Cruel Joke

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New Delhi: The political battle between the Congress and the BJP on the arrangement of buses for the return of migrant labourers have come a new turn. Congress MLA from Rae Bareli, Aditi Singh has strongly criticized his own party on this whole matter. Aditi Singh, a legislator considered close to the Gandhi family, said that this is a cruel joke.

Aditi Singh wrote in a tweet- ‘What is the need for such low politics at the time of the disaster, sent a list of one thousand buses. In that too, the fraud of more than half the buses, 297 junk buses, 98 auto-rickshaws and vehicles like ambulances, 68 vehicles without papers, what a cruel joke it is. If there were buses then why not put them in Rajasthan, Punjab, Maharashtra.

She Complimented CM Yogi Adityanath

Congress MLA Aditi Singh, while praising CM Yogi, wrote- ‘Where were the so-called buses where thousands of UP children were stranded in Kota, then the Congress government could not leave these children at home, even to the borders. , Then Mr Yogi Adityanath Ji took these buses overnight and brought these children home, Rajasthan CM himself also praised it.


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