The 10-year-old child slipped while boarding a train in Mathura, UP, railway employees saved his life

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Mathura: The platform number of the junction Mathura once raged when a 10-year-old child slipped between the train and the platform while boarding the train, the senior railway ticket collector Suresh Meena and Pradeep Dahiya, who was present there, committed their lives. The child was saved after much effort without caring, the whole incident was captured in a CCTV camera mounted on a platform.

It happened on platform number one of Mathura Junction on Monday. At around 2:40 pm, the Sachkhand Express from Amritsar to Nanded stopped at platform number one. Some passengers got down, some boarded the train, meanwhile, a 10-year-old child sitting in coach number S9 of the train landed on the platform to get water, but then the train started hurriedly, the child ran to climb in the train, but By then the train had gained momentum and that 10-year-old child grabbed the handle of the rail door to climb but instead of climbing it got stuck between the platform and the train.

Meanwhile, senior ticket collector Suresh Meena and Pradeep Dahiya, who were present there, when the child saw the train and the platform collapsed, both of them immediately ran over him. Meanwhile, Suresh Meena, not caring about her life, immediately pulled the child going towards the wheel and pulled it out. The same parent and sister of that child standing at the door of the coach were also trying to pull him but during that time the sister of that child also fell on the platform, Suresh Meena and Pradeep Dahiya also saved him safely. Both the ticket collector of Mathura Junction were caught in the CCTV on the Jambaji platform. In these pictures, you can clearly see how Suresh Meena did a noble cause by saving the life of this innocent. Senior ticket collector Suresh Meena and Pradeep Dahiya gave information about the incident.


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