Singer Sona Mohapatra shows anger on the video of Tiktoker Faizal Siddiqui, said this

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New Delhi: The video of Tiktokar Faizal Siddiqui is being fiercely opposed in social media, in which unceremoniously fails to throw acid (symbolic) on the girl’s face if she fails in love. As soon as this video is uploaded on TikTalk, people have started demanding to ban Faizal’s account in protest against it. Sona Mohapatra has taken out his anger on this video.

Sona Mahapatra, while tagging Faizal Siddiqui’s video on his Twitter handle, has requested Tiktok that it is completely disgusting. To delete the account of #FaizalSiddiqui, which incites violence against women. He is promoting acid attacks on young girls and women. this is unacceptable.

Sona Mahapatra has also written many things in support of the ongoing protests on the video. While replying to a user, he has taken Salman Khan along with Ticketlocker Faizal Siddiqui. He has written that before and after the ‘spliced’ video if you are in favour of it, it is not true in any sense. It is normal in our culture to embarrass women. We have grown up with the stories of Salman Khan, where he publicly smashes bottles on his girlfriend’s head, despite being the biggest star in the country. This needs to stop.

Sona Mahapatra is always at the forefront of her opinion. In the last days, she was pitted against Bollywood musician and singer Annu Malik along with another female singer. Let me tell you that the Bollywood singer had accused Annu Malik of exploitation and Sona Mahapatra had supported him in the Me to Movement. Now she is speaking openly against Faizal Siddiqui on social media.

Let us know that Tiktokar Faizal Siddiqui recently uploaded a video on his Tiktok in which something is thrown on the face of the girl, which makes the girl’s face discoloured. After this, this video started being seen by adding an acid attack and created a ruckus on social media. National Women’s Commission President Rekha Sharma has also told Maharashtra DGP to take cognizance of this.


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