RWA President shot dead in Jafrabad area of Delhi


New Delhi: Sensation has spread in the day-long murder incident in Jafrabad area of ​​the capital Delhi. The miscreants shot and killed the RWA president outside the house in Chauhan Bangar area of Jafarabad. The deceased has been identified as Raees Ansari. According to the information, at around 1 pm on Wednesday, Raees was preparing to go somewhere, he was cleaning the scooty outside the house when two young men wearing masks came and started asking him something. During the conversation, the miscreants took out a pistol and shot the nobleman. In a hurry, Raees was rushed to the hospital where doctors declared him dead.

According to the information, Chauhan Bangar’s RWA President Raees was a property dealer by profession. His father runs a grocery shop under the house.

After the incident, the crooks escaped. While absconding, the crooks also took kiosks lying on the road and took them with them. At first glance, the police are feeling a case of mutual enmity. The police have registered a case of murder and started investigating the case.

The entire incident of murder was captured in CCTV cameras. It is seen in CCTV that the Raees came out of their house, started cleaning Scooty by putting the goods in Scooty’s Diggy. Just then, two miscreants wearing masks came and went ahead looking at the rich. Then returned and started asking him something. During the conversation, a miscreant took out the pistol and put it on his temple, the pistol did not work with the crook. After this, Raees pushed the crook’s hand and started running towards the house. Then the second miscreant shot from the box. At the time of the incident, there was a stroll in the street, children were also playing.


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