Russia releases first batch of COVID-19 vaccine Sputnik V into public


Los Angeles: Russia has released the first batch of its first corona vaccine to its citizens to emerge from the Coronavirus catastrophe. At the same time, the world has received a big shock due to the bad news of America’s AstraZeneca company. There has been bad news about the AstraZeneca company’s vaccine. AstraZeneca has put an end to its last-stage vaccine trial.

AstraZeneca’s vaccine trial has been stopped after a volunteer involved in a human trial fell ill.

AstraZeneca has issued a statement saying it is a routine interruption as not much has been known yet about the person’s disease involved in the trial. It will be reviewed well and only then will the trial resume. According to the news report, a volunteer participating in the trial has witnessed serious adverse reactions suspected of the vaccine and given this, it has been decided to stop the trial of the last phase of the vaccine. Developing company AstraZeneca is at the forefront of the global race for the Covid-19 vaccine.

“The standard review process has prevented vaccination trials to review vaccine safety data,” the report quoted an AstraZeneca spokesperson as saying. The study is testing the Covid-19 vaccine being developed by researchers at AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford in various locations, including the United Kingdom, where an adverse event was reported.

However, a detailed explanation of what the case was and when the adverse reaction to the vaccine was reported could not be known.

It is being told that the participants who have been tried for the vaccine will be recovered. The trial of the Corona vaccine has affected trials of other AstraZeneca vaccines. These tests have also influenced clinical trials being carried out by other vaccine manufacturers. Now all of them will also be looking for such resolutions so that the proper effect of the vaccine can be understood.

At the moment, AstraZeneca has not commented on this. Although nine major U.S. And European vaccine developers on Tuesday resolved to maintain the scientific safety and efficacy standards for their experimental vaccines despite the emergency to control the coronavirus pandemic. They said the vaccine was urgently needed, but we would consider its standards and will not compromise with influence. By all means, you will approve the vaccine only after testing.

Let me tell you that the race to make Corona vaccine also includes Johnson & Johnson, Merck & Company, Moderna Inc., Novavax Inc., Sanofi, Fiji, GlaxoSmithKline, Bayonet etc.


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