Remembering Strong Passwords Seems Difficult, Then You Can Use These Online Tools

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New Delhi: In today’s online world, if you keep a simple password, then there is always a risk of getting hacked. But the problem with passwords is that if you keep a strong password, it is not easy to remember and it is often difficult to create a strong password for every different account. But you can solve this problem with the help of web applications.

Strong Password Generator

If you want to keep a very secure password for your online accounts, then you can take help of this web app. It generates unique and non-breakable passwords for you. However, it depends on you how much strong password you have to keep for your account. It is usually that it is difficult to remember the password generated by the password manager, but this is not the case with this web app, you will be able to remember the password generated here easily. In this, five methods have been adopted to create a strong password, such as a password of at least 15 characters, using uppercase and lowercase letters. Also, it uses numbers and symbols.

Diceware passphrase

If you want to create a master password, which is not only secure but also can not be cracked, then this can be an option. It uses a trusted method to generate a password, with the help of which a strong and long passphrase can be generated. You can remember the password, but it is very difficult to hack it. This master password works with all your accounts. In this, a group of English words is used to generate a password, like 56322 means synod, while 21123 means Clio. You can get the number by rolling the Dice. You can keep a maximum password of 6 words in it and for this, you will have to roll the Dice at least 30 times. In this, you have to remember the number and not the word.

Password meter

Here you can not only create a password, but you can also test how strong your password is. Also, you can check the strength of the password created by this web app and the strength of your previous password on different parameters. It can create 8 character passwords and it also uses uppercase, lowercase letter, number, symbols.


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