Railways Took A Big Decision, 200 More Trains Will Run From June 1, Everyone Will Be Able To Avail

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New Delhi: In view of the problem of migrant labourers across the country, the Railway Ministry has taken a big decision. Now from June 1, 200 trains will be run by setting a time table. These will be all non- AC trains and the most important thing is that these trains will run in addition to the labour special trains which are running. It has been said by the Railway Ministry that a time table will be issued soon for trains running from June 1 and their route will also be released.

Online booking will be done on these trains. At present, booking counters will not open at railway stations. You can call this an important step of the railways in the direction of regularizing the movement of trains because according to the information given by the Ministry of Railways, despite these trains, labour special trains will continue to run and other special trains are running in the current system. She will also keep going.

Keeping in mind the migrant workers, the Ministry of Railways has been running the Shramik Special trains continuously since May 1 and in the last 19 days more than 21.5 million passengers have travelled in these trains so far, more than 16 hundred Shramik Special Trains have been run by the Railways. is. Right now, the Ministry of Railways has announced to run 400 labourers special trains every day by increasing the number of labour special trains running every day.

Till now the problem was that if the passengers had to travel in labour special trains, they had to register in their respective states and only after that the state government gave that list to the railways, then the migrant workers were able to travel but from June 1 The big relief is that people will now be able to book their train tickets directly and go to their destination instead of registering in the states.

The Central Government has appealed to the migrant workers and those who want to travel across the country not to be in a panic situation. Soon, trains will start being available from June 1 to reach their destination, so be patient and do not leave for your home on foot.

For non-AC trains that will run from June 1, you will have to make online booking and booking will start as soon as the time table of these trains is issued and the route is determined, the railway will provide its information separately.


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